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Purrlieu Facts

What is a Cat Cafe?

- Cat Cafes have been an established part of Japanese culture for over a decade after being imported from Taiwan. The concept is a coffeehouse with cats as it's residence. Visitors purchase entry to interact with these lovable creatures. Cat Cafe's have been making a great impact on U.S. soil since the first one opened in New York. Now Cat Cafes are popping up around the U.S. each one helping the feline communities in their city. 

Where are you located?


What are your Hours?

-Sunday-Thursday   10am-7pm

-Friday-Saturday      10am-8pm


Do you have Free Wi-Fi?

-Yes and Charge stations


Do you have a entry fee?

-Yes, like most Cat Cafes we charge for entry. More info coming soon


Do you have discounts?

-Yes. We will have discounts for our Members. We also have discounts for Seniors, Military, and Students. 


Do you allow Kids?

-Yes we will. However, all kids must be supervised and accompanied by an Adult at all times. We expect adequate supervision and adherence to our set of rules. These rules include but not limited to: No picking up the cats, No chasing cats, No Running, No loud voices, No heavy footfall, Don't wake any sleeping cats. If we find any children unable to be quiet and respectful, our staff may talk to the parents. If the issue isn't resolved we reserve the right to ask the party to leave. 


Can I learn more about the Cats?

Yes, please check out our Cat page. We plan to have about 8-15 cats at a time. All our cats are up for adoption. If you find your new family member you will talk to our staff





Please feel free to contact us at if you have any more questions